Friday, 3 July 2015

Summer Listings

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I'm writing this at 8.51am and already today is a scorcher. I had to drag the garden waste wheelie bin round the back of my house and out onto the road (the glamorous life I lead) and by the time I'd done the 4 minute job I was over heated! I also successfully but petrol in my car this morning. Not a huge feat you might think but I've had my car almost 2 months now and there is definitely a knack to filling her up which I am only just learning. It's the little things in life that please me so!

Since Summer is most definitely in the air, I thought it was due time to do one of my most favourite things- make a listy blog post of all the things I want to do this summer! I think writing this list will be really useful for me to come back to and check, motivate me to try new things and also it makes me feel all fuzzy inside to think about the fun things I like to do. Hopefully I can share some of the things I do with you on here too. Let's get cracking!

Summer Listings

Buy lighting for the garden and have a few evenings enjoying it either alone or with friends. 
Take Darcy's Summer pictures by the rose garden in Abington Park. 
Try out as many village playgrounds as possible (with Darcy of course!!). 
Spend more time with my new Mummy friends. 
Eat dinners outside. 
Go to Coton Mannor Gardens and enjoy the peace. 
Take more pictures with my big girl camera. 
Have a big night out with pretty dresses and cocktails. 
Go to LA and make brave choices (more on this in a couple of weeks). 
Tidy up my front garden. 
Celebrate my Sisters Hollie and Tiyana more. 
Watch and photograph as many sunsets as possible. 
Feel sand between my toes.
Have a pedicure!
Read more of Darcy's books to her. 
Binge on Pinterest ideas haha. 

I'm sure there are more things I will want to do but for now, those are the main ones. 

Tell me in the comments what you're excited for this summer!



Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Amazing Advertisers || June 2015

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Oh my giddy aunt, it is hot. Too hot! Summer is well and truly upon us and I've got the paddling pool out for all to enjoy, although I think I'm enjoying it more than Darcy. I hope you're all having a wonderful heatwave too. I advise taking a break from the sunshine to enjoy some of my Amazing Advertisers, as always we've got some good'uns!

The Prosecco Diaries is a lifestyle blog written by London gal Sarah. I’ve always said The Prosecco Diaries brings a touch of Sex and the City to the blogging community and once more Sarah has proven me oh, so right! I love having a gander through The Prosecco Diaries if I’m in need of a restaurant recommendation or am after a suburb cocktail, I know I’ll be in for a treat! I trust Sarah’s reviews and thoroughly recommend having a gander yourself, Sarah offers variety in her posts and there is a recommendation for everyone, whether you’re a sushi or steak kinda gal. You won’t be let down!

Louise is another returning advertiser with Sprinkle of Glitter and I’m pleased as punch to have her back once more! The What Now Blog is a lifestyle blog which centrals around inspiring and advising you to be the best version of you. From work advice, to tips of living a happy life, Louise has done it all! Recently Louise has also been providing us with a few foodie and beauty posts which have also been a joy to read! She just doesn’t let me down that gal! If you’re in need of some advice on turning that bad day around or maybe some motivation to kick start a new project, you need a dose of Louise in your life.

Retro lovers, you’re in luck! We’ve the perfect online shop for all our swishy skirt needs. Unique Vintage is an American online clothing boutique which, quite frankly, makes me unable to control my swooning. It’s simply beautiful. Whether you’re a fan of the 1920’s flapper look, that 1940’s style pencil skirt, or all the swish of the 50’s dresses, Unique Vintage has it all I tell ya! They cater for plus sized ladies also which makes me happy, and the prices are wonderfully reasonable for such gorgeous dresses. I warn you, your purse will not appreciate it, but my golly your wardrobe will!

Britany Powell is a charming little lifestyle blog written by dog lover, Britany. I’ve been thoroughly intrigued by Britany’s blogging style and she offers a unique approach to lifestyle blogging which pleases me. Britany Powell is almost like a diary, and each post is a glimpse into Britany’s brain, I do love a good up close and personal kinda blog! The photography is beautiful and thoughtfully captured, and the musings are a joy to read, they give you a little something to think about also. Britany, I do like you and your writing and I look forward to having another venture inside your head.

Ooft we’ve another returning advertiser this month in the form of fashion blogger, Andini. Adventures of an Anglophile is a tip top blog and I’ve always been a lover of Andini’s style. I’ve been inspired by her outfit choices in the past and I will never tire of looking at that beautiful face (and hair) of hers. Andini certainly knows a thing or two about fashion and she’s perfected the fishtail braid, which I felt deserves a mention in itself! It’s not easy gals. This month Andini has rocked the monochrome, the 70’s vibes and the glittery shoes. Ooh the glittery shoes of joy!! I advise you all hop, skip and jump on over, Adventures of an Anglophile is a haven for beautiful fashion.

Professional Daydreamer is written by Chloe, a young gal with a love of writing. We all know I’m a huge fan of ‘little bit of everything’ blogs, and Professional Daydreamer is just that. Chloe writes about all sorts, from film reviews to advice on puberty, she’s certainly doing it all that gal! Recently Chloe has also written about her thoughts on Youtube culture which I thoroughly enjoyed reading, it’s something I have mentioned in the past and love hearing Sprinklerinos thoughts on it. I look forward to more posts from Chloe, she’s got all the spice of life we’ll need with that variety of hers.

Ooh lordy, I am a lover of this blog! Trudy Johanna is a lifestyle blog, written by young London gal Trudy! Trudy blogs about her thoughts of life as a 20 something, the joys, and perils of the internet and there’s even a little bit of beauty in there for us as well. I love the layout of Trudy’s blog, it’s very swish and very la de da! Not to mention Trudy is quite the photographer. I take my flower crown off to you Trudy, you’ve pleased my eyeballs muchly. Trudy Johanna is a firm favourite and it’s definitely worth going for a gallivant and discovering some golden content, there’s a lot of it!

Rose is a delightful, caring woman with a heart of pure gold. She is a busy grandmother helping to raise her beautiful granddaughter and vlogging her adventures along the way. I’m pleased to have Rose join us this month as her blog is entirely different and I do love a good mix in my lovely Amazing Advertisers bunch. As well as writing about her triumphs and tribulations, Rose also offers some wonderfully helpful life advice and I’ve appreciated it muchly! Thank you Rose for sharing your experiences with us and being the best grandmother to that gorgeous girl. If you’re a parent, or just love to join others on their life adventures, then I’d thoroughly recommend giving Grammy Rose a visit.

Warning, the broodiness is upon us and we’ve got some darling kiddie winks in our midst. Chalk Kids is a stylish parenting blog brought to you by several mummies and their adorable tots. I’m a lover of the mummy blog, and Chalk Kids is no exception, it’s a right good’un! If it’s parenting advice you’re after, children’s fashion picks or even child friendly home d├ęcor, Chalk Kids has got it all. Alternatively, if you just love to look at cute babies and Instagram worthy baby bumps, then you’ll also be thoroughly impressed! I cannot recommend Chalk Kids enough as a perfect parenting blog, it’s a community of mothers ready to welcome you with open, stylish arms.

Another returning advertiser with Sprinkle of Glitter, the beautiful Angie! SilverSpoon London is the perfect food and lifestyle blog, it’ll leave you hungry and wanting more! I love Angie’s style of blogging and it’s obvious she is passionate about her little space on the web. Her reviews are always informative and truthful, her photography is divine and I love seeing her document the fun she has with her husband. SilverSpoon is simply beautiful and definitely worth a read if you’re after a review, whether it be for the perfect pasta dish, or the best spa hotel. Angie has done it all! 

Phew! And that is Amazing Advertisers done for another month. I hope you've discovered a few new beauties, I know I have! 



Monday, 22 June 2015

Full Book Tour Details || Life With A Sprinkle Of Glitter

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I'm so excited that now LouiseLIVE is over (I feel so emotional about that- I definitely need to write a big blog post on it!), I can finally announce my Book Tour Dates!

My first ever book Life With A Sprinkle of Glitter is available now for pre-order and released into stores on the 2nd of July and with that I will be going on a super duper book tour!! A BOOK TOUR!! I know we have perhaps all become a little jaded to the idea of YouTubers bringing out books but to me, this isn't a YouTube Book, this is MY book. My baby. My heart and soul on glossy coloured pages, just waiting to be picked up, taken home and read. 

I would love to meet some of the people who have decided to add my book to their lives and thank them for supporting me, so, if you would like to come, the links are below. 

These things usually sell out very quickly so do snap up spots whilst you can.

I can't wait to see you!!


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