Monday, 12 October 2015

Broken and Stronger || October Diary

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Today went from 'meh' to A-meh-zing! in one big swoop today. It was so good that I'm not even sorry about that terrible bit of word play.

I woke up tired and rushed like crazy to get Darcy and I ready for London. We were due to meet a girl who had won a competition through my first book at Waterstones Piccadilly and since I valued making sure we had everything we needed in my bag over making my face ultra glam, I basically looked very 'tired'. That's the word Dan kindly used as he accompanied us into London on the train. To make up for this though, he entertained Darcy for a full 45 minutes so I could close my eyes and hopefully this helped me look slightly less like a haggard crapbag. 

We arrived (a tiny weeny bit late) and helped Zoe, the sweetest 11 year old you ever did meet, choose a selection of books that Simon & Schuster (my amazing publishers) were gifting her. Then we popped upstairs for the most delicious afternoon tea I've had in a long time. I never knew that Waterstones had such a sweet cafe (with great views) on it's 5th floor but if ever you're around there you really should check it out. It wasn't busy despite being a Sunday afternoon and the food was plentiful and very nice. My hot chocolate was perfection and I think if you took a couple of freshly purchased books up there you could really enjoy a couple of hours. I clearly like to live life on the edge. 

I mosied round the store and bought Darcy a few new books to add to her collection too. I am obsessed with finding the classics and building her up an entire bookshelf of amazing stories and since I'm the one that reads them all to her, I think it's a healthy obsession to have! 

My sister Tiyana joined us and Zoe headed home (with her Mum, she wasn't just sent off into central London alone!) and I said goodbye to Maddie, my Manager. That woman. I don't think I'd actually do my life without her haha. 

Narna (Tiyana) and I jumped in a cab and headed over to Covent Garden where she wanted to spend a couple of vouchers that she had. On the way to MAC we went into Kate Spade and hot damn, that was a big mistake. That shop is heaven. Everything in there is perfection and I feel like they designed it with my magpie eyes in mind. From the tray of twinkly gold jewellery to the way they lay the glitter encrusted purses out like sweets, I can't resist it. I may have bought a thing. A beautiful, pink, shiny thing. *drools*

After I'd severely dented my bank balance we did Narna's errands and took a few minutes to wander round Covent Garden and soak up the sunshine a bit. It was so lovely to just be in a familiar comfortable place, on a sunny day, with people that mean so much to me. 

After my super lonely day earlier this week I feel like things have really picked up. Sometimes you have to feel a bit broken to feel strong again I think. For the first time in quite a few weeks I feel like I'm doing it. I don't know quite what I'm doing but whatever that is, I'm really giving it my all and trying hard. I told Maddie on Friday, 'this morning I woke up and felt such a peace'. I still do. Let's hope it continues another week!!



Sunday, 11 October 2015

So. Much. Cheese || October Diary

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Notice :: Do you live in Tribeca New York? If you do and would like to come and hang out, I'll be at Barnes & Noble on 97 Warren Street from 4pm on Friday October 16th signing my book Life With A Sprinkle Of Glitter and would LOVE to see you! More details HERE

Oh Saturday, you've been good to me. Thank you. 

The day started really beautifully with Darcy being dropped off by Matt and us dashing about running a couple of errands. By 12 noon we were at the station picking up my lovely friend Daniel J Layton Actor (this is the full name that we fully call him by) and we zipped out into the countryside to visit Lamport Hall which was hosting it's annual craft fair. 

(I let Darcy choose a little irredescant silver fairy tree ornament and she was THRILLED to carry it round all day!!)

Now, call me middle aged but I try to go to this every year. There is something so pleasing about being in ye olde surroundings (imagine Downton Abbey, it's like that) and gently moseying round looking at stalls of handmade goodies and sampling fudge and cheese. Oh man, the cheese. We went gaga for it. Sometimes I wanna dance in a club until 3am and flirt mercilessly with hot, tall, brunette men and then sometimes, i want to wear stretchy leggings and say, 'Oh Daniel, there's a table of handmade honey over there!'. Swings and roundabouts folks, swings and roundabouts. 

Darcy enjoyed looking at the owls (whilst I hovered nervously hoping she didn't have her little eyes pecked out) and sharing fish and chips with me. After spending/being conned into spending £15 on olives, we climbed back into the Minimobile and headed back to surburbia. 

After a quick pitstop at the farm shop to buy pumpkins we were home, snuggled up on the sofa with Darcybird to watch Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone. I started reading Darcy the new illustrated book this morning and thought it might be fun for her to watch the film so that as we read, she can understand a little better. I think 4 years old might be a little young for Harry Potter (just the first one, I think they get much older after book 2) but we're gonna take it slow and see how we go. With any luck she'll be hooked and I can relive my Potter love through her. 

So here I am, on my sofa at 6pm with blankets, Darcy, Dan, cheese, olives, crisps, fairy lights and a couple of kitties. I could not be happier! 

Shortly my cousin is swinging by and we'll order pizza and crack open a bottle of something (no cleanse on a Saturday haha) and enjoy the evening. 

This is exactly what I need. No worries, just cosies. I love it. 

Which is your favourite Harry Potter film? 



Saturday, 10 October 2015

Amazing Advertisers || October 2015

Aloha Sprinklerinos, 

It is officially Autumn and this pleases me. I'm all about the cosy blankets, fairy lights and darker evenings. Not to mention it's almost acceptable to begin the countdown to Christmas! It'll come around quick I can tell ya! Before then though we have a few more Amazing Advertisers to get through, so grab a hot beverage of your choosing and lets get going! 


Oh my little ovaries, you’re in for a cuteness overload. Paws and Prada is a doggy blog written by the lovely Joy, and what a joy she is! (see what I did there?) If you’re a poochy lover, then you’re in for a treat. Joy writes about all things canine, from advice to reviews and even birthday wishlists for your favourite furry companion. Whether you’re a dog owner yourself, thinking of purchasing a pup, or just enjoy puppy pictures that make you squeal (we all do it), Paws and Prada is definitely worth a gander. Grab your nearest furry friend (pet, not person) and enjoy.

I’ve discussed my love for Louise’s blog many times, she’s an inspirational gal that always gives me a bit of pep in my step after I’ve had a read through her posts. The What Now Blog is a lifestyle blog designed to help you get the best out of life, be it work, play or self-love, Louise has tackled it all. This month I thoroughly enjoyed Louise’s post on all to consider before quitting your career, I can draw on her advice muchly after I said goodbye to my office job days, I would recommend that post to anyone considering a career change! Wow Louise, what a knowledgeable woman!

I’m intrigued by Hooked On The Music, it is written by student and music lover Amy, who reviews various artists and their tunes on her blog for our enjoyment. I’m pretty convinced that this is a brill new way to discover music to please your ears, Amy my gal you’re onto something there! I’m guilty of listening to the same music on repeat and never really giving new artists a try, so I like the thought of sitting and having a gander of someone else’s music loves to decide whether or not I would enjoy it too. It’s a modern world out there, switch off that radio and get reading!

Love and Blossom is a ‘little bit of everything’ blog written by good egg Kat. Kat writes about everything from tasty food, make up loves and even a little segment called ‘brand focus’ which I’m quite the fan of! You’ll have to have read to see what that’s all about! Kat writes well, her photography is crisp and lovely and Love and Blossom is quite simply just a good ol’ blog. It’s beautiful to look at, and reading it pleases me muchly. Kat, you officially have another fan, keep up the good work and don’t stop sewing!

Angie is another returning advertiser with Sprinkle of Glitter so I’m sure you’re all a fan of her fabulous blog by now. Silverspoon London is a lifestyle, food and travel blog written by one of the most beautiful ladies you ever did see, Angie. Angie visits some of the swankiest places around, eats the most delicious foods and takes glorious photos along her way all for our viewing pleasure, and I’m always interested to read what she has to say about her experiences. I trust Angie’s reviews and I’m always intrigued by her recent travels and tastes. If you love food or travelling, take a virtual trip with Angie!

Collective Strand is another ‘little bit of everything’ blog written by Aussie gal Alexandra. Alexandra is a new advertiser with Sprinkle of Glitter so I made sure to have a right good gander of her posts and I am pleased as punch to have done so. Also she’s a Harry Potter lover, so extra brownie points there. Alexandra writes some lovely posts about life and making the most of it and it’s always refreshing to read. Recently Alexandra shared some of her favourite ‘lifey’ and I was all over that, I do love a good quote! Alexandra writes some top notch posts and I look forward to reading future content from her, lets show her some Sprinklerino love and say a big hello! 

And that my lovelies is the end of October Amazing Advertisers! 


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