Sunday, 27 June 2010

Curvy Girl's OOTD- Office Drinks

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Well we are fully in the grips of summer. I knooooowww everyone lluurrvveess the summer, but I find it a bit of a struggle to be honest. Don't get me wrong, I love the sunshine, the flowers, the BBQ's and paddling pools, but I must say, I don't take well to the heat. I get very red and then once I'm red, there's no going back. I'm not a sweaty person so I think that's why I can't keep a nice temperature. I get all hot and bothered and grumpy and if a wasp comes by then that's the end of it for me!!

Slight anti-summer (I'm a hoot to go on holiday with hahaha!), the other night I was invited out for a few drinkeronies with my work chums and so here is my outfit. FYI, It was in the evening so I didn't get the dreaded red-face and was merry and bright! Woop!

As you know, I am a curvy size 16-18 (closer to 18 if I'm honest) and 5"7. Curvy, voluptuous, big boned, bonny, buxom, call it what you like, I am a little bit fat. However, I really think that if you dress your shape properly and have a bit of self belief, you can still look lovely. No, I don't look good in a playsuit, but floaty summer dress? Throw it my way!!

So this is what I wore:

Dress: New Look
Cardi: New Look
Sunglasses: Primark
Sandals: Old Trusty Primark!

Mattmoo doesn't wait for me to do a nice face before he snaps. Grr!

Cheesy pose, scrunched up face. Good times.

And to quench your pretties thirst, here are the accessories:

(Please excuse my roots, appointment this week!)

Hair Flowers: Monsoon Children's Section
Glitter Headband: Primark
Bangles: Topshop
Gold Zippy Clutch: H&M
Earrings: Topshop

So that's it Bloggerinos. Is it a yay or a nay?




  1. Definitely a yay! It's a lovely outfit - very pretty & summery :)

    That dress is gorgeous - such yummy colours!

  2. You look gorgeous, love your dress

    Lisa xx

  3. Very pretty. I did think you had a tiara on in the first picture...then on the second one realised it was the plant behind you!! Cheeky Mattmoo! (Am I allowed to call him that?)That last picture is a real goodie.
    Have a good week.
    Z xx

  4. I want that dress!
    & you look stunning as usual :)

  5. I love this outfit, must get myself down to New Look before that dress sells out!

    Kat x Click&Make-Up

  6. You look gorgeous Lou, that dress really suits you! You definitely know how to dress your shape and look stunning. Whatever your size or shape or weight, it's so important to know how to dress to emphasise your best bits. Like, my friend Anngie has twin daughters who're non identical. One is a tiny size 6-8, the other a curvier 12-14. The 6-8 twin, Grace, decided for their prom she wanted a short dress. Bethany, the 12-14, decided to stick with the longer traditional styles. However when Grace actually tried on one of the short poofed out prom dresses, she looked terrible. Her legs looked like two strings of cotton dangling down. Bethany tried the same dress but looked stunning, her shape fit into the dress much better and she filled the design. In the end both girls went for longer styles and looked beautiful.

  7. You look gorgeous hun :) As a bigger girl myself i love your OOTD posts,they really give me inspiration!
    Loving this gorgeous dress - & i really think you could definitely pull off a playsuit!


  8. You look gorgeous- love your dress! :) xx

  9. You look absolutley lovely! I love that dress! I think its the perfect little summer dress! I'm going in search of one as we speak!

  10. that dress is soooo nice :) looks really nice on you xx

  11. I love your style! Very girly and cute! And you say you're a 16-18?? You look like a nice 14 to me! I wish I had the confidence to do a OOTD! xxxx

  12. Definitely yay! You look gorgeous hun! I would never have guessed you were that size. You look a lot smaller! xx

  13. Ahhh my lovely lou! You are so gorge! Love this outfit, it's so girly and pretty! I especially love the cardi, I have a millllion of them haha
    Great post girly!

  14. Cute dress! I am curvy in my thigh area, so don't feel bad!

  15. gorgeous! totally love the floral dress! xx

  16. Lovely outfit! You rock that gorgeous dress

  17. Adorable dress and you look wonderful in it :)

  18. i always love some good gold accessories!! xx

  19. Lovely blog hun, I love them gold Primark shoes too! x x

  20. This is my favourite day time outfit on you so far. It looks so girly and fresh looking. Love it xx

  21. Hey, just stumbled across your blog. I love it! I'm following you.

    Angel x
    High Heels & Lipgloss

  22. You look gorgeous Lou!

    I love this summery look, especially the dress. You definitely know how to put an outfit together, and you always look great :)

    Jo xxxx

  23. Gorgeous, as always! Love that dress, it's very pretty.

  24. I am LOVING that dress. The whole outfit is nice, but I love the dress so much. WANT.

  25. I think you look beautiful! I just looked through a good few of your ootd's an you look lovely in them all! I am a bigger girl myself and it's nice to see such a gorge girly showing people how women over a size 12 can still dress well!

    Please have a look at my blog when you get an opportunity! <3

  26. I've just seen this post and I love it! You're so funny and so honest. And I looooove the dress! You're looking great in it!!


  27. You are beautiful, I have just discovered you on youtube through zoella and think that you two are just adorable together!! Baby Glitter is too!! Please keep posting xxxxxxx

  28. you look amazing

  29. The dress is awesome and I will easily wear it!

  30. Gorgeous dress you look lovely Louise :) x

  31. OMG looove that dress. Nice choice Louise.


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