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Loves of Late | Childhood Imagination

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

It's been almost a year since I last did a 'Loves of Late' and to be quite honest, I'd forgotten all about it! The other day I saw the post and decided I'd like to work it back into my blog but hadn't found the right thing to go with it. 

Well, now I have. 

Loves of Late

I was speaking to my friend Marie on Skype a few days ago and she sent me a link to a video she thought I'd like. Oh my was she right! I LOVED IT. 

I feel like this video is a perfect reminder of a child's perfect imagination. Fun, inventive and untarnished by the restraints of adulthood. 

It had really inspired me to encourage Darcy to explore her ideas and creativity.

Other things I have been loving lately are lazy nights on the patio with drinks and friends (staying in is the new going out dontchya know), little walks to the corner shop with Darcy to choose treats, planning new ways to spruce up the living room (thank you Pinterest) and baked sweet potatoes- yum!

Did you like this video? Did you do fun things like this as a child?



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  1. I absolutely loved this video... So inspiring! My favorite part was the using the calculators as a security measure! This shows just how much you can achieve if you set your mind to something, and never give up. Thanks so much for sharing this!


  2. I loved that video! I remember as a child back in the day * ahem* long ago, we'd play shop in the front garden, making tasty treats out of leaves and flowers from the poor neighbours' gardens. We never ate them of course but it was great making pretend sandwiches and using our imaginations which is all we had really. This was before computers were invented and the Atari tennis game was very hi-falooting!

    So build a fort, have pretend tea parties, play hopscotch and hide and seek and enjoy the summer!

  3. How lovely! Children really do have the best imaginations and most determination to achieve their dreams. :)


    Beth. x

  4. wow! That's just amazing! xx

  5. Lovely post xx


  6. Awesome! Being a not very creating person I'm definitely going to try a bit harder to be a little more imaginative. P.s. It makes me super happy when you write about liking to stay in because although I like going out, a lot of the time I'd much rather be sat with a hot chocolate watching a movie! www.thegirlinthemoonlight.blogspot.co.uk

  7. Such a wonderful video! In my childhood here in Bavaria near the Alps in Germany we did so many funny things, too, we had always great ideas and plans. It was an idyllic world where we have grown up and we spent our time with own theater performances and long and special plays like a bike bell cover taking over the street ...

    xx from Bavaria, Rena


  8. I totally remember seeing this on the news when it first came out! I was extremely inspired by it and hope that little boy will grow up to become a successful engineer or something someday. I would love to go see his arcade- I wonder if he still has it! :)

  9. Brilliant I didn't really have much imagination with toys apparently but I was really creative I was always putting on the latest show for my family using the kitchen as my pretend dressing room I also set up an animal centre in my play shed where I use to get the other children off the street to come and learn about animals it even had a tank which I put in animals I found from the garden I once had a pregnant wood lice and watched it have lots of babies then got told off by my dad for been cruel :(

    Carrieanne x


  10. He is brilliant! He has business savvy, is a hard worker, and is dedicated. He made his imaginations into a reality and created his own arcade. God bless that kid :) Thanks for the video.



  11. That's so amazing, he is truly a genius. It is so inspiring and shows that you can do anything that you out your mind to!


  12. I absolutely loved the video! It's amazing what can come from our imaginations.

    Astrid. xx


  13. Loved this video! It was so cute to see his little face light up when he saw all those people at his arcade :) I used to build robots out of boxes but nothing anywhere near what he did!


  14. I love Caine's Arcade, I first saw it about six months ago. That kid is seriously amazing.

    Rachel is Elsewhere

    1. I love his tricks with the calculator to generate numbers too.

  15. Great video I absolutely loved it.

  16. Aww this is amazing! Haha my sisters and I used to make shop counters and phone box's out of cardboard! But it was definitely not as incredible as this! :) x

    Ps. I love your blog and YouTube channel!


  17. such an amazing video! I wish I had that level of imagination when I was younger. Caine's face when he realised everyone came for his arcade was adorable
    sara x

  18. The video is so cute and inspiring!:)

  19. aaah wat a great little guy! caines arcade was the best lil thing ive seen for ages! really put a smile on my face :) xoxo

  20. This video is just too sweet!


  21. Maybe its because I'm pregnant but it made me cry:)

  22. That video was fab! I think one of the best feelings in life is when you remember how amazing it was to be a child and have that freedom of imagination! So glad you shared this video, thank you! :) x

  23. Aww this is so sweet, I used to love doing things like this when I was younger. Me and my best friends would always go into our local woods and make dens from the tree branches and pretend we were red indians hahaa <3 Wish I could be that young again <3 <3

  24. The video was so sweet and cute! I loved it!! And I agree that staying in is the new going out. As much as I love partying, there is something unique and calming about staying at home, with friends or family.


  25. this is the sweetest video! i love it, really shows that children are the most fun!
    thinking-like-a-doll.blogspot.com x

  26. This kid will own is own business one day! A true entrepreneur! But oh my gosh is he adorable. Love the creativity of a child <3


  27. this is adorable!
    - Janine

  28. Oh, thanks for posting this! I love this video; Cain is awesome! Also love your blog! xx

  29. This is adorable, i slightly remember seeing his somewhere on tv a commercial or on the news.

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  31. Wow! That video is so lovely and remarkably inspirational! I think it is so much better to be creative and imaginative than bottling up your ideas, right?

    Thank you so much for sharing this!

    Love, lou xxx


  32. Loved the video, you are right we have to be inspired to be able to encourage others !
    Thanks for sharing

    Peace & Love


  33. fantastic video, so inspirational! thanks for posting :)

    Leyla xx

  34. Very inspirational!

    Visit my blog, I am doing the July blog post challenge, blogging everyday!


  35. I love videos like this! It reminds me a lot of Kid President and a bunch of other soulpancake videos. You should check them out if you haven't already. Each video melts my heart and is just so amazing. <3



  36. This is incredible. Thank you for sharing :) x

  37. Love this video, will remember to watch it whenever I'm feeling down!


  38. Wow, how inspiring! It shows if you work hard everyday at what you love you'll succeed!


  39. Oh my gosh Louise! This video is so amazing. It just shows how smart and imaginative children really are. I was also blown away by the generosity of all the strangers that had never met Caine! Thank you so much for sharing this! I think I'll share it on my blog too! I'll make sure to link back to you!
    Thanks again Louise! Love you!

    -Robin Malia

  40. This video is just wonderful, it's so inspiring and you wish that there would be kids as his imagination more on this planet. Louise, I appreciate it that you shared this video with us, thank you. This video has been my favourite video this year, beside beauty related videos, I think:)


  41. Lovely video!!!


    Brittany, xx

  42. Really nice video! Love your blog Louise! xx


  43. Love this idea! Might try it on my own blog :)



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  45. Lovely video. It reminds me a bit of myself as a young girl. I would hide out in the woods for hours and pretend the fallen down trees were a playground. I would pack a lunch and climb them until it got dark out. This video is a favorite now! Such a cute boy. :)


  46. That video was lovely! It made and (and my mum) sob. What an inspirational cutie!!


  47. Glad these posts are back :) Such a cute video xxx


  48. I saw this video on Russell Howard's good News last year, its the best thing ever! When I was little me, my mum and my brother made a puppet show theater out of a cardboard box from a toy kitchen and I made puppets out of socks haha

  49. Amazing! I remember making little puppets out of wooden spoons and tissue paper and pipe cleaners with my sister! Love the video.


  50. Oh Louise that video brought a little tear to my eye! So amazing! To see young children have dreams and work hard for something like that is fantastic! Not sat inside but trying to interact with people and using his imagination - true childhood! We always tried to sell rose perfume (rose petals in water) and lots of different things on a shop on our road! Haha.
    Charlotte xxx Something Special To Say

  51. I saw this before on Russel Howards Good News as part of the 'Its not all doom and gloom section'. Really is a massive inspiration

  52. I found out about Cain's arcade when it first went viral -- about a year ago. I live in LA, so my boyfriend and I went to an event at the arcade and met Cain, as well as the film maker, who was absolutely lovely. I hope Cain is able to continue his success. Such a great mind! And so touching.


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